We’ve been through a few iterations on the logo design and can finally reveal the new ployst logo!

We asked skydesigner at fiverr.com to produce the logo and after explaining our concept to them we feel that it captures some of the key principles of ployst.


  • Focused

    One of the aims of ployst is to enable more focused periods at work. The sharp orange chosen for the logo represents that focus.

  • Transparent

    Ployst is aimed at enabling companies that want to be internally transparent. The open gap to the bottom of the speech bubble represents openness for the organization.

  • Actionable

    One of the tag lines for ployst is ‘Turn conversation into action’. The lightning bolt inside the speech bubble represents this.

  • Curated

    Ployst conversations can be rearranged, shared, muted and more. Communication under your control. It is arguable whether the clean font and independent lettering portray these ideas.

Logo making process

We looked at fiverr.com following a recommendation. After comparing the features and prices with 99designs.com we decided to go for the cheaper option (at about 1/10th of the price).

For $36.75 we got 5 iterations on a logo design from skydesigner with each iteration having a turnaround time of around 1-2 days.

We’re happy with the results!